This year Bar 1805 Ibiza celebrates its 5 year anniversary
along with a funky refurbishment within its original walls to add more comfort within this unique French canteen that celebrates the creation
of Absinthe and the artists, writers and philosophers
who were inspired by the fabled green liquid.


Combining French flair with the historically artistic soul of Ibiza,
the bar is an interactive experience in drinking, eating and creating; Kick-start your night at 8.05pm, where signature absinthe cocktails like the
Green Beast will be served in punch bowl birdcages and sipped through crystal pipes to a soundtrack of offbeat electro-swing, rock & jazz.


Food with attitude will be served
until 2.30am. 7 nights a week
from mid April until mid October.


This season’s menu includes Caramelised Local Goat Cheese Salad, Special K Chicken Goujon, Massive Foie Gras Burgers,
300g Entrecote steaks & the specialitée de la maison, Moules Frites; all of which are served with a side order of ‘bonne humeur’.


Bar 1805 is the brainchild of visionary
cocktail artisan and Balearic legionnaire Charles Vexenat, a French avant-garde with an Ibicenco heart. Charles learned his trade as an apprentice of some of the world’s most highly regarded barmen and has himself received numerous
industry awards for his creations
during his career.


Renowned for his creativity with flavour combinations and his flair for presentation, Bar 1805 is the culmination of
Charles’ life’s work, the best of which he uses to create a drinks offer brimming with ‘joie de vivre’.


For the 2016 season Charles has created a fun new seating plan along with brick walls inspired from Brooklyn and patterned Hidraulic tiles inspired from France in the 60’s. Each element of Bar 1805 reflects the personality of its creator to produce an environment of playful chic and ‘bonne enfant.’
Relax in the cushioned bathtub benches or kick-back at a romantic top-table with a twist. Guests are invited to take part in
live art work, with chalk-board tables and walls providing a blank canvas for cocktail inspired creations.


Climb two flights up the stone stairs behind the Croissant Show Cafe to find the bar that

opens for 180.5 days only.
Step inside and you will find a bohemian cave cluttered with oil lamps, French children’s books and Charles’ personal collection of vintage cocktail shakers and glassware. More than mere decorations, these elegant and valuable objects are in daily use as absinthe fountains, punch bowls, chalices and goblets from which to savour the delicate flavours of Mr. Vexenat’s signature preparations.


The bar is named in honour of Henri-Louis Pernod
who launched the mysterious green liquid’s first
recognisable brand, Pernod Fils, in 1805.
In recognition of this, Charles offers a classic French Absinthe Drip, to anyone presenting themselves at the bar with a real anchor tattoo, as can be seen on the infamous bottle.


Official opening party 18/05/2016
7 nights a week
Serving food till 2.30am
Serving Drinks & Cocktails till 3.30am


Calle Santa Lucía, 7, Ibiza, Spain. +34 651 625 972 - Contact | Mentions légales |